Share My Location Unavailable "Unable to Connect to Server" on iPhone X iOS 11


Many iphone X/8 and iPhone 7/6s /iPad users are facing issue with share my location feature in iPhone, specially after upgrade to iOS 11.4 and even with iOS 12 beta3. This is weird and annoying as you will be unable to see friends in Find Friends or any devices in Find iPhone (though others can see me). Other location services are working correctly. Select Share My Location from Location Services, a pop up says “Your Device Is Not Connected to the Internet” and when user tries to  toggle share my location on and off, I then get a message Share My Location Unavailable Unable to connect to server. Please try again later.

One iPhone users quoted it as
So I have an iPhoneX and anIpad mini and I share my location on both products. All of a sudden today I started getting this message when I tried to change my location to a device: "Share My Location Unavailable. Unable to connect to the server. Please try again later." Also can not log in to find my iPhone and check other peoples location on find my friends. HELP PLEASE

In such cases if is recommended to check the system status of all Apple server for the specific service. You can check them here Check Find My Friends on the System Status page for issues.

Fix Share My Location Unavailable "Unable to Connect to Server"

Fix 1:  Update iCloud location sharing settings
Please first go to settings -> Apple ID (Tap your name at the top of the settings list)-> "Family Sharing" -> "Location Sharing" On.
Now next step -Update icloud : Settings > iCloud >Share My Location > From (this device). On the select “This Phone"  and now test this and it should work fine

Fix 2: Toggle all  location services
Settings->iMessage-> turn Messages off.
Settings->Cellular->turn find friends off.
Settings->iMessages->turn on
Settings.->Cellular.->find my friends to on
Settings->Privacy->.Location services.->Share my location->.should be on

Fix 3: Restart the location service
Turn off both all Apple devices to share location, iPad and iPhone. Reboot iPhone/iPad,  turned off location sharing - reboot again. Turned it on and turned on location sharing again. Now it should be working fine.



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