OnePlus 6/OnePlus 5t not connecting to car Bluetooth issue [Fix]


Many OnePlus users are facing issue with latest flagship phone OnePlus 6 with car Bluetooth connection not working properly. The phone does not connect well, the car can detect the phones but does not detect the headset. While for some users the OnePlus 6 phone as to pair every time when tried to connect. Even for some user the email connectivity does not work. The other models phones like Sony, Samsung pair well with the car over bluetooth.

The pairing between OnePlus 6 and car happens to smooth but still lots of issue are reported with Bluetooth connectivity. Even the latest 5.1.8 update does not fix the Bluetooth disconnect issue. The issue become more severe when the Bluetooth immediately disconnect and does not connects again automatically.
i'm still having problem only with phone calls. Music and controls work fine but voice calls don't work. car is displaying "network signal error".”

How to fix problem connecting onePlus6 (OP6) to car by Bluetooth

Fix 1 : Diable HD audio

Just disabled HD audio in the Bluetooth connection and test if connection works well now.

Fix 2 : Make a single Bluetooth connection
When no other Bluetooth devices are connected to the OP6 it works fine, the carkit connects immediately and stays connected. Quite possible that OnePlus 6 cannot handle multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time. In that case it is a bug that should be addressed ASAP

Fix 3: Change Bluetooth protocol

Enable Developers mode (Settings > About phone > Build number.Tap Build number seven times.) on OP6 and changed the Bluetooth protocol from 1.4 to 1.6.  Remove car blue tooth settings from phone. Reboot the phone and Pair phone and car again. Now it should work fine.



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