OnePlus 6 /5t poor quality screenshot resolution [Fixed]


OnePlus 6 comes up with great new feature and impressive hardware specifications. Camera pics quality is also amazing is compared with iPhone X. Although with all this new feature the OnePlus 6 phones is reported with the issue that the screenshot captured as not very clear. It seems that the  Screenshot quality not full HD and screenshots lacks fine image quality.

Despite that user do not see any option in OnePlus 6 or 5t to configure the phone to take high resolution screenshots.  Quality is not good for screenshots stored in gallery when zoomed. All the screenshot tends be a less colourful and a bit blurry. The quality of the long screenshot is very bad, infact sometimes you won’t be able to read what captured in the screenshot is. The Three finger method to capture the screenshot does not seems to be take perfect pictures rather all the screenshots are blur.

The reason why OnePlus is taking poor quality screenshots is OnePlus decided to compress and use JPG as screenshot formats instead of the lossless PNG format in the Oreo update. So unless OnePlus releases a official fix for the issue in the upcoming builds it is difficult solve such issue on your own. So please keep updating to latest release of operating systems.



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