OnePlus 6 / 5 screen draining battery too fast and heating up [Fix]


Many OnePlus users (OP5 and OP6) users are complaining about fast battery drain. The drain is so fast that the battery does not last for a day which is unusual as most of the time the battery lasts for 2days. But with the latest OS update the things are not running smooth with battery. This is not the only problem but the battery of OnePlus phone also start to heat up. One user stated that
I am having the issue with OP6 as the battery is draining very fast after latest OS update and the phone is also getting overheated while connecting for charge..

The OP6 has sold out millions of devices in less than a month after release and phone is rated really well. But the battery issue is trouble making for new users. The screen of OnePlus seems to take much more battery as used to be it. Surely it can be software bug that may be causing it and needs to addressed soon.
It may look to some OnePlus users that some apps are draining the battery but a close investigation shows that its screen that is taking too much battery. Moreover the Usage hasn't changed, but battery seems to my draining a lot faster.
To fix the OnePlus 5/6 phone consuming too much battery please read below solution/workaround:
Fix 1:  ambient display setting

There is a temporary fix. Just switch off the ambient display thing. This sees to  work for many users and significant improvement in term of battery.
Fix 2: Clear cache

Clear Data & cache in recovery and restart phone, put dark theme on and switch off face recognition. These are general tips to save battery on Android phones.

Fix 3: Complete discharge
Recalibrate the phone by complete discharging the battery until the phone turn off itself. Once done turn on the phone by connecting to charger.



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