iPhone X/7/ iPad screen freezing after upgrade to iOS 11.4.1 / iOS 11.4


Many iPhone and iPad users are facing issue with iOS 11.4.1 that after the upgrade the iphone/ iPad screen freezes randomly and does not responds. The apps seems to run in the background but the screen does not respond for minutes. The issue was not seen with iOS 11.3 but only after upgrade to iOS 11.4.1 the screen frozen issue is reported. A hard reset to iPhone will fix the issue temporarily but the issue occurs again after sometimes of usage.

In case you are facing issue with FaceID or TouchID please test with removing these from setting and reboot your iPhone/iPad. Re-register the TouchID or FaceID.
It is possible that the issue is seen with some particular apps which are causing iOS to hang. Eg waze or Electra. These apps have been reported to hang iPhone X/7 with iOS 11.4 as well and quite possibly are causing issue again with iOS 11.4.1 and screen starts to frees randomly.

·       Workaround of fix screen freezing in iPhone:

-Go to the "Settings" app
-Tap Waze (it will be near the bottom)
-Uncheck "Motion & Fitness"
- Turn off "OK Waze" feature
Apparently this is an issue with Waze's use of that data to remember where you parked. Explains why this always seems to happen soon after getting out of the car/arriving at a destination. I never use that feature anyway.



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