iPhone X/6s email not syncing/downloading after upgrade to iOS 11.4.1


Many iPhone users are complaining that after upgrading iPhone to latest iOS 11.4.1 email has stopped downloading/synching in on iPhone 6s/7. There are other errors as well reported with email accounts. Like one user reported that he is not able to send email after updating iPhone/iPad to latest iOS 11.4.1

After updating both iPhone X and ipad pro, neither will send email. Message comes up with "error delivering email" and they sit in the outbox.”
Email issue are not new to iPhone but this is annoying that recent iOS11.4 is also having such issue.

To fix this issue you should try removing the email account from the exchange server and re-add the account. This should refresh all your setting for email and now it should work.
If you are using apps like yahoo, try logout and login and check after that. If the mail issue are still not resolved than uninstall the application and do a clean install. Now after adding the account your email should flow normally.



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