iPhone X /8 does not vibrating or makes sound while charging [Fix]


Many iPhone X and iPhone 8 user report that it does not makes charging sound or even vibrate while put on charging. The issue with charging iPhone came up after upgrade to iOS 11.3/11.4 and started to happen more frequently. The issue is not day one with fresh iPhone but after doing some changes in setting, installing apps or upgrading the iOS the iseem to happen more as iPhone X no longer makes a sound when placed on a charger.

The latest iOS 11.4 does not have any fix for the issue and keeps on happening.  Restoring the phone from backup or resetting it as new does not help to fix the charging issue with iPhone X and iPhone 8. Some users even took the iPhone X for replacement and even after the replaced phone the issue is with the new iPhone.  The issue is really irritating as user have to wake the phone on and check the battery icon to confirm that is charging.

·         How to fix when iPhone x does not make sound while on charging.

Ø  Fix 1: Delete the Bleacher Report
If you have installed Bleacher Report it somehow seems to be the reason for the issue. Please delete the Bleacher Report application and restart the iphone. The app is having some sort of a glitch on the iphone.

Ø  Fix 2: Restart to fix temporary
A restart to t he iPhone will fix the issue but it may come back. This is definalty some bug in the software and restart will not fix it permanently.



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