iPhone 7 share my location not working in imessage iOS11/ iOS 12


Many iphone X/8 and iPhone 7/6s /iPad users are facing issue with imessage sharing location feature that when they are trying to share out locations, they are not able to see the location of each other on imessage after upgrade to iOS 11. Even with iOS 12 beta the issue is seen some cases where the location is not sharable by imessage.  It just says "Location not available".  While in some cases it stopped working on the cellular data when users upgraded to the ios 11. The Sharing Location feature only works on wifii network, which isn’t very helpful.

The strange part is that when location says "No location Available" in imessage, it usually is still showing the correct location in "Find my Friends App"

Fix imessage location not sharing

Fix 1:  Turn on cellular service
When share location works only on WIFI and to be enabled Set whether cellular data is used for apps and services on cellular in Settings > Cellular. You can find this feature listed there as "Find Friends." If a setting is off, iPhone uses only Wi-Fi for that service. Please turn this on for using it on cellular services.

Fix 2: iCloud location sharing settings
Please first go to settings -> Apple ID (Tap your name at the top of the settings list)-> "Family Sharing" -> "Location Sharing" On.
Now next step -Update icloud : Settings > iCloud >Share My Location > From (this device).
On the select “This Phone"  and it should work fine

Fix 3: Restart the location service

Turn off both all Apple devices to share location, iPad and iPhone. Reboot iPhone/iPad,  turned off location sharing - reboot again. Turned it on and turned on location sharing again. Now it should be working fine.

Woraround :

One workaround is to stop sharing and then re share the location with the specific person. This is helpful for that particular contact only.



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