iPhone 7 invitees option missing from calendar


Many iPhone users are facing issue with calendar scheduling as the option to add invitees is missing from iPhone calendar. There is no invitees on iphone calendar on ios 11/ iOS 12. The issue is reported across all iPhone devices including iPhone X/8/7 and iphone 6s plus as well. Due to this issue it is becoming difficult for user to invite someone over iPhone calendar scheduling.

No invite option on iPhone calendar is not a new issue in iPhone or iOS but the issue seems to reported in iOS 10 as well.  The iphone user trying to add someone to an event on my calendar and the invitee option is no longer there.  But upgrading to latest iOS 11.3/iOs 11.4 users have started to see this issue again in iPhone.

  • ·         How to fix iPhone calendar invite option missing :

Please make sure that you have email exchange server have capability to add invitees to event. Your ability to invite folks to events depends completely on exactly where your calendar is housed  (Microsoft Exchange calendar, gmail, yahoo, iCloud etc). If you use an iCloud calendar, for example, that ability does exist.

Fix 1: Add event to calender
First please Go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > [Your email account] ... and enable its Calendar capability there.
Move the events from your "On My iPhone" to your Hotmail calendar as described under "Move an event to another calendar". First Tap the event, tap Edit, tap Calendars, then select a calendar to move it to.

Fix 2: Make sure to turn on the iCloud settings
Setting->icloud->calendars, turn it on



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