How to remove a single word from iPhone Auto-Correct Dictionary


Quite possible for an iPhone users is to accidently add a typo to dictionary which later creates troubles while typing. As you type correct work the auto-correct of iPhone will replace it with the wrongly added word. A iPhone 7 users with iOS 11 reported the issue as :
So at one time or another I typed "tge" instead of "the" but I hit the little X when the iPhone suggested "the" (accident) and now the iPhone recognizes "tge" as a word and never corrects it.”

  • How to correct a single word in iPhone auto-correct dictionary :

Fix 1: Do text replacement
Go to General>>Keyboard >>Text Replacement and look at the shortcuts if you scroll down. Click on Add new shortcut. Type the CORRECT word in the Phrase box, and type your misspelled word in the Shortcut box.

Fix 2: Do correction manually
You can also do the reverse of what you did to add it to the dictionary example
Typing yoo autocorrects it to "too" if you press the x then it adds yoo to the dictionary
Now to remove it type "too" and it will try to autocorrect to "yoo" now press the x and yoo is removed. Now typing yoo will autocorrect back to "too"

Fix 3: Reset the keyboard completely
This will reset the keyboard to orginal setting and will erase and personlaized keyboard shortcuts. Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Keyboard Dictionary.



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