How to get display zoom like feature in iPhone X [Solved]


Apple users who purchased iPhone X are not able to find display zoom feature. The zoomed display feature of iPhone was released with iPhone 6 and proved to be very useful feature for many iPhone users. The Zoomed view in iPhone gives you larger icons, text and buttons and also within the apps like email. Which many people find convenient in to use with. Once can go and change to the alternative Display Zoom setting->select Display & Brightness ->View option under the Display Zoom section->Preview and select your preferred setting,.

However the feature is confirmed to be missing from iPhone X which is very disappointing to many users. Not having display zoom feature in the iPhone X is really strange as the iPhone 8 has this feature. The users who were using iphone 7 + in the zoomed version are finding it difficult to use the iPhone X now.  Many users preferred to return iPhone X and revert to previous iPhone 7.

There is an alternative to display zoom option in iPhone X, known as accessibility ZOOM. You can tune this feature to use as display zoom. Go to->settings->general->accessibility->zoom:
-turn zoom on.
-zoom region-full screen zoom-zoom
-filter none
- maximum zoom level 1.2x.

This will not make your screen zoomed immediately but do the 3 finger tap on your home screen and zoom options will work. This may not feel like zoomed display but is a great relief if you are looking for zoomed text on iPhone X. It may take extra battery but you can turn of this feature by three finger down.
Hope this helps to fix the issue.



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