How to fix IPhone X display screen not working in cold temperature

 IPhone X, recently launched by Apple is considered as best smartphone till date by Apple and one of the best in industry when it comes to display. But some iPhone X user’s complaint that of the iPhone X display is not working properly in in the cold weather. The complaints are increasing now as the winters have started to come in many countries and an increase in such complaints can be seen as temperature gets colder.

IPhone X  specs

IPhone X's display becomes unresponsive when taken to cold weather. When the issue happens some touches aren't recognized and some are not accurate at all. The issue is commonly seen when surrounding temperature is nearly from (-30 to -5°C). But some users have reported that the issue is also occurring for then at 5°C. The user has touch very hard to type as keyboard was not working correctly in such conditions. Eg, When using iMessage it wasn't registering all the letters. The problem was gone when the phone got warmer by taking it to warm surroundings.
The problem is not only occurring at low temperature but also at very high temperature at around 40 degrees with similar symptoms. And the issue is getting bigger as the user can't use iPhone X outside in cold. The issue could be challenges brought with an OLED display not working in such temperature range. One user when contacted the users following response was received

I contacted Apple Support/Care with this issue, they said it's not normal and they asked me to reset my phone to factory settings and set it up as a new phone (not from backup), and if the problem continues, my device will be changed.”
Surely Apple needs to respond to it soon.
Some temporary workaround for the issue are as follow:
Solution 1: Force restart
Some users tried to force restart the iPhone X while outside and this seems to worked.

Solution 2: Keep using the iphone X
It seems that problem solves itself after about 3-5 minutes of use. When you keep using iPhone X in cold it may works fine, so it is possible that it’s the initial temperature change that affects it  iphone x screen to respond. Maybe even condensation on the OLED screen?



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