Iphone 7 plus blurry screen fix

 Many iphone 7 and iphone 8 users are facing issue that iPhone screen is blurry sometimes or all of the time. Sometimes the camera is taking the blurry pictures. Many times it appear that  the iphones actual screen isn’t all that blurry, but colors appear less vibrant and clear than usual.The iphone screen looks blurry or fuzzier. Especially the fonts look fuzzy while using iPhone. This issue of blurry screen on iphone 7 can contribute the blurry screen to eye strain. Below are some potential fix for the issue if you are also facing the same. Some times the user report that they are facing blurry call info list or voicemail details in iphone or some times blurred messages text in iphone 7 . The issue is reported with iphone 8 iOS 11 as well.

To fix the blurry screen issue you can try to :
Workaround 1 :
This is observed that it happens when there are too many pages left open in the background. One work around to get rid of blurry screen issue is to double click the home button and closed all apps by swiping them to the top.  Then reopen the phone app and it should be normal. In short (double click, swipe to close, and reopen phone app). This will surely fix the blurry screen issue in iphone 7 with iOS 11.

Fix 1: Normal Reset
Simply turn your phone off and then back on again to see if that fixes the issue, this is technically known as a ‘soft reset.’  For many user this issue is fixed by simply restarting your device. But it is quite possible that issue may appear again.
Fix 2: Hard Reset
Hold the power button and home button simultenously until apple logo appears on the screen. This is like refreshing your iphone to normal setting and cleaning and junk data issue.
Fix 3: Reset All Setting
Please note that this will delete all the data from your iphone, so before trying this make sure to take  iTunes or iClound backup of your device. Check https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203977 for more details.
Now Go to Settings > General > Reset and then click ‘Reset All Settings’ . all of your general settings will be switched back to their original default. If you click ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ this WILL remove all songs, messages, contacts, and everything else stored on your device.
Fix 4:  Contact Apple store
If above mentioned fix does not helps you, quite possible that it’s a hardware issue and Apple support would be best to deal such issue.


Anonymous said…
Thanks Thakur - That really helped clear the blurry screen on my contacts page on my iphone 7.
Anonymous said…
My wife's Iphone 7 plus had the same problem, she could not make phone calls because her screen was blurred out, she could only text. I had her clear her background of all overlapping running apps. Tap the home button 2 times to displace all app programs that are running in the background. They will appear as overlapping screens. 1 at a time, swipe each screen upward until all of the screen have disappeared leaving only your home app screen. Tap the home button 1 time to place it back into normal operation. This solved the problem with my wife's iphone allowing her to make phone calls once again.
Anonymous said…
I have had my iPhone 7 for about 2 weeks and have had a blurry screen about 3 times. I have had to turn off my phone each time to get it back to normal, but am thinking something else must be going on. I have had no overlapping aps running at the time.
Anonymous said…
Thanks You!

Leonard Negron said…
You're the best, I legitimately thought I had broken my phone.Thank you so much


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