Voicemail transcription missing in iOS 11

One more problem that many iphone users are facing is after upgrading iPhone 6s to iOS 11 and after the installation voicemail transcription disappeared. It was working fine before installing the new iOS 11 update . After upgrading to IOS 11 users tried everything such as: Airplane mode on/off, reset, reset of network settings but none of these worked for the voicemail issue in iphone. Apple has not provided any official statement on this issue, however there are some fixes available that you may try to fix the Voicemail transcription issue.

How to fix “Voicemail transcription missing in iOS11”:

Fix 1: Reboot and Hard Reset iphone

For many users few hard reboot to the iphone fixed the issue. May work for you as well. Please give it a shot before trying any other fix.

Fix 2: Dial Voicemail Number

Try calling your voicemail and going into settings and activating expert mode, turned my vvm back on. If it does not work for you, give a reboot to iphone and check again.

Fix 3: In Siri is turned off

This is strange but for some user the issue is linked with Siri application. The users who have Siri turned off, have faced such issue after upgrade. To fix it, go to Settings> Siri & Search >turn on "Press Home for Siri". Then do a reset (hold home button and on/off button at the same time for 10 seconds). Once you have done it please check the visual voice mail worked again for me.



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