iphone Screen recorder frozen while sounds play in iOS 11 [Fixed]

With release of new iOS 11 Apple has finally release one of most awaited feature which is screen recording. However being a new feature the screen recording is causing many issues for users. Issue is trying to screen record game play or any other thing on my iPhone 6s/7+/iPad the screen seems to get frozen however the iphone seems to work fine in background. After the iOS 11 update, screen recorder is  cool feature in hand, but completely disappointes when tried it out. It gets stuck on one screen, but all the sound effects can be heard in iphone. Also Probably old devices can't screen record hence why many people are complaining on ipad airs. Screen recorder also have restriction control, so first enable it from Restriction > enable screen recording.
Now to fix the screen recorder hanged issue, there are no genuine or sure fix but there are some possible fixes listed below which you may wish to try:

Fix 1: Re-enable the screen recording

In case you are facing issue only in Games, Going to Settings>Game Center and disabling screen recording. Rebooting. Then re-Enable "screen recording" under Game Center.
May be the setting just glitches; iOS did not see that it was enable. Just turning the setting off may not work, only worked for after rebooting before turning it back on. Perhaps you might experience a different result.

Fix 2: Hard reset your phone or Reset iphone completely

You can hard reset your phone and see if it works for you, if it still does not works you may try to reset the iphone(Caution: You will lose all the data). This may fix the issue but chances are that the issue may reoccur after next restart or next upgrade.

The screen recorder jammed issue may be due to some settings glitch or screen orientation caused, which needs to be fixed by Apple in upcoming releases.