iPhone 7 Random fire alarm sound iOs 11

Many users are facing the issue that while working on iPhone or may be the iPhone is resting in sleep mode, all of sudden the iphone starts making fire alarm really loud. Not specific to any time or location this can happen at any time with the iPhone. First time when this happens with the user the they just can’t find it out that its there iPhone, once user just spent five minutes running around my bar and the neighbouring buildings trying to find the fire alarm that was going off.  The beeping lasted for about 10 seconds and then abruptly stopped. So annoying.  When explored the mp3 file playing was found from the below location however does not seems to get opened.

How to stop iphone from making fire alarm sound:
Reason 1: This happens when you use a third party Spotify, iFunny, tutuapp, Spotify++ app etc in your iphone and there isn't a way to fix it other than to not use it.  User may face the issue when he tries to get you to download a bogus security app, based on what I can find on the googles. Apple now needs to fix allowing ad systems from using sound or any other component.

Reason 2: It is very possible that you have Government Alerts activated on the iPhone? Check Settings>Notifications>Government Alerts. If there is an emergency alert such as a flood warning, severe weather warning, or an Amber warning, you will get those, and they sound whether the device is on mute or not, and the volume is set to high and cannot be changed.