iphone car Olay bug, Bluetooth music playback bug, not showing any song info iOS 11

iPhone users with iOS 11 are facing an issue with music playback info when connected to car or a BT speaker through Bluetooth or USB.  The music seems to play fine, but the song information (title, artist, album, etc.) is no longer showing up on car's display or on the iphone when connected to a BT speaker. While  on the Music app, everything is normal on iphone. The issue of no song info is reported across different car model like Ford, Merecedes, Nissan, BMW  etc, so definitely seems to be iOS 11 issue.

Fix 1: Restart the iphone and repair the device
Possible fix well worked for me - disconnected car the re connected car then restarted phone. But this is temporary fix and quite possible that the issue will reoccur after sometimes.
Fix 2: Reset Settings

When you reset all settings you do have to pretty much set the phone up new again so please make sure you have backed up your iphone before doing it. So if you have this Bluetooth issues where song info is not coming properly   and If you’re suffering from the battery drain or other serious issues, maybe give this a shot. Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings.



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