iOS 11 Iphone 8 keeps on freezing fix

Frozen home screen on my iPhone 8 64 GB.  The User can remove or work with the notifications from my lock screen, as well as swipe into the camera but when unlocked iphone, users are reporting that they could not click on any of the app icons, with the mail icon greyed out like had clicked it. You can also put this problem as touch screen works everywhere except home screen. iPhone Home Screen is continuing to freeze. Some times the issue occurred with the open apps like in safari icon was greyed  out as if i was touching it and unable to slide my home screen to left and right but i was  getting notifications from whatsapp. Not only iphone 8 but other models of iphone like iphone 7/7s are also freezing on iOS 11. "iOS 11 update phone freezing".

One possible fix that works for frozen iphone 8 home screen is to hard reset the device

Force Restart on iPhone 8 (steps are different from previous models):
Quick-press the Volume Up button.
Quick-press the Volume Down button.
Press and hold the Side button for ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears

Please note if above steps do not work for you then hold down the fingerprint button at the same time at the same time holding down the side button. 

Please keep updating your iphone to latest iOS version avilable as this issue of iphone freezing in iOS 11 update seems to be fixed in iOS 11.1 release.


Anonymous said…
this worked! thanks for the life saver!


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