Facetime live photos not saving in iPhone after upgrade to ios11 [Fixed]

Recently with release of Apple new software many users upgrade to the latest iOS 11 and are facing many troubles with multiples bugs in iOS 11. One of such issue or bug is reported in the Facetime app. When the user try to take Facetime photo with iPhone, the iPhone seems to confirm that photo is taken but when checked in the albums it does not appears anywhere in the iphone storage. When tried to take a photo during a FaceTime call using the new live photo button on screen it doesn't save anywhere. The photos are not saved anywhere either and I have storage.  Please note the person you're facetiming also needs to have iOS 11, have you checked that? It also needs to be enabled in Settings-Facetime. The Apple manual says “The live photo is added to the Camera Roll album or, if you use iCloud Photo Library, in the All Photos album in the Photos app.”

what is more worrying is that even in iOS 11.4 users is not able to save photo in FaceTime. However there are not official statements from Apple on this and not 100% working fix found but below are some list of fixes which worked for some users.

  • How to fix unable to save photo in Facetime on iPhone:

Fix 1: Reset Facetime Settings:

Quite possible that upgrade to iOS 11, it has disturbed the settings of Face time.  To Reset the  setting in iPhone please do, Settings>FaceTime>FaceTime Live Photo>tap on, then off and then back on again

After turning it on, off and they may come back on again after some times. Tested and confirmed by some users.

Fix 2 (Workaround): Wait for sometimes 

The pics taken on Facetime may bot seems to saved in iphone but for some users it appear after long wait (24 hrs) they do save BUT, they only appears in the camera roll after a while.

Fix 3 : Restart/ upgrade

Please try a normal and hard reset of your phone this will help all apps to initialize properly.
This may be a bug which may be fixed by Apple  in recent upgrade to upgraded to iOS 11.0.1 and upgrade to latest iOS may take it to works fine 

Fix 4 : Toggle Facetime 

Go to settings -> FaceTime->  Turn this off and On again . Now restart your iPhone and check again if you are able to save photos now.