Why photos get deleted from iCloud if I delete them from my iphone

Lots of user are complaining that their photographs are getting delete from iCloud or Apple photos after they delete it from iPhone. As most of user do this for freeing up the space in iphone but intention is not to delete the photos permanently. But this is happening that phots are getting delete across all apple devices. Some user do say that they are unable to take any photos because they have no storage left and afraid to delete any photos from the PHOTOS app for fear of losing them altogether.

Reason behind photo delete from all over in iphone:
If you have iCloud photo library 'on' on all your devices with the same apple id, any photo that you delete from any of them, it will be deleted also from the cloud.
The iCloud will act like a mirror to the info you have chosen to sync there

How to stop photos getting deleted from everywhere in Apple world:
Do not enable iCloud Photo library on your computer.  Transfer your photos to the photo library on your Mac.  Then delete them on the phone.  They will sync up and delete from iCloud Photo Library as well.  As long as your Mac and the Photos program there are NOT using iCloud photo, then the copies on your Mac will become your archive.

Alternatively, archive them to Dropbox or Google, and then delete them.



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