Not able to send text video message to android from iphone after iOS 11 upgrade

In the new iOS software release iOS11 there are multiple issues reported by iphone users and one of that issue is after upgrade to iOS 11 on iphone6/ 7+, the user is not able to send pictures and videos Message, however they can do it from the iMessage. But when tried to send a video in a regular text message it just won’t send. Necessary updates done for my carrier settings and restarted my phone many times. This is very frustrating as in group texts the iPhone receive everyone and the androids phones get a black screen and sometimes sound to fix the issue where not able to send message from iphone to android user after iOS 11 update (iOS 11 message failed to android phones), please try below fix:

Fix 1: Check if iOS updated messed up your iphone settings
Try to update reset some of the settings.  It worked for me to go to Settings - Cellular - Cellular Data Options - Enable LTE and toggle to either "Off" or "Data only".  Non-Apple or android phone texting doesn't seem to work if "Voice & Data" is selected.

Fix 2: Correct Message settings (continuity settings)
This fix seems to work for many users to send text to android from iPhone/ipad issue,  as to fix this issue by going to settings>messages>text message forwarding>and toggle on the device , in this case the ipad pro which was a recognized device to take messages via SMS.

Fix 3: iPAD issue
If your iPad Pro is not sending SMS. To fix this, On iPHONE,  go to settings, then messages, then text message forwarding, and switch it on to forward to my iPad.

Fix 4 : Workaround (temporary)
This may fix the issue on iOS 11 but the problem where user not abel to send  iPhone text/video message to other non-Apple or android device. Please go into settings —>messages—> turn on SMS and turn off MMS. 


  1. This was SO helpful! Thank you!

  2. If the android user downloads an app called ex player it should fix this issue. It seems to be a formatting issue.


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