iphone contacts missing in search result after upgrade in iOS10

In recent updates of iphone to Apple new software iOS10.1 there are bugs related to contact list where the contact names do not appear on search result. You can see the name in the list but will be missing in search box hence unable to search contacts in ios 10.
When  typed people's name in my message they can't be found and when I have siri call people she cannot find them in my contacts, 10.2 b7, this appear to be a glitch in Apple iOS 10. In order to fix contact search not working iphone ios 10 issue please try below steps and let me know if it helps:

Fix 1: Hard reset your iphone
First suggestion would be to do a hard reset. Hold the power & home button at the same time until you see the Apple logo. Then release the buttons and wait for it to finish. Hopefully this will solve the problem for you. But even  if this has solved issue for many users it appear to come back again after some time.
Even if this does not fix permanently make sure you have newest iOS 10.2 and the contact search should be working again
Fix 2: Check contact settings 
Check setting in your iphone:
Contacts -> Groups -> Select "Show All Contacts" -> make sure all email accounts/iCloud are checked -> Check CONTACTS RESORED or not in iphone.
Fix 3: Sync the iCloud
Look for your contacts app - launch it - look at your top left for Group (if you have sync contact from icloud and emails) - check to see if hide all contacts was selected  - look for icloud contacts and email if it was enabled.

Go to iCloud settings and turn on Contacts, it should add all your iCloud stored contacts
Just press Merge and they'll be added and all new you've inserted will also show.

Fix 4: Add Service provider password to synced contacts after update to iOS10.1 software
Many users who faced the problem had contacts synced with Google and outlook.
Possibly new Google web contacts web app is not syncing well or maybe not syncing at all with iPhone.

Check if you are able to successfully sync your Gmail, outlook contacts.


abdullah said…
Syncing with the cloud should solve it i guess...


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