iPhone 5/6/7 Not able to attach photo videos to text message or iMessage

Apple customer very often uses text message or imessage feature to send the photos or videos to dear ones. But some users have complaints that they are not able to use send photo feature with text messages or imessage .However they were able to send photos from their iphone using imessage  before the ios 8.2 upgrade to to iOS9.3.1. Customer have tried every common troubleshoot eg hard reset, network reset, check data connection etc but the problem still persists. How do I fix “not able to attach photos  or videos from message app in iphone” when can't add photos to text messages like I use to?

Here is the solution:
First Go to settings>> Messages>> check to make sure MMS is on.

Now Go to->Settings > Photos & Camera > There should be 2 options "Optimize iPhone Storage" & "Download and Keep Originals", I had the Optimize iPhone Storage checked, and once I switched it to Download and Keep Originals, I was able to attach my pictures from my camera roll to my text messages again. This should for sure fix your problem when not able to attach the photo to a text message.



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