Iphone Tiny font issue in HTML email iOS 10.3

Many user have upgraded their iPhone to 10.3 and found that iphone emails appear small and there is a common question from every user that “why is my email text so small”. The HTML email html appears too small and it's hard to read them as iphone SE email text too small. Even on zooming the screen, the text doesn't get organised to the screen and instead I have to swipe across to read each line. It looks more like a desktop version of email. When user Rolled back to 10.2 and it was all fine again
Other emails appear normal but the emails in html formal appear too tiny and unorganised with font too small. Never had such issue untill iOS 10.2.1. The most annoying and surprising fact is that Apple has not fixed the bug even in the latest 10.3.2 update
iPhone email small font

Fix 1:
Following steps may fix it:

1 - Press and hold the power button until swipe to shut screen appears
2 - Now press and hold home button until it returns to home screen

One solution could be to update to 10.3.1 and then use emails on third party app like outlook. I have been using outlook for my office emails which is html based and the emails work fine in outlook.

Fix 3:
Yes, it has been fixed in the iOS 11 Beta 3 release, So please plan to upgrade to latest iOS 11