iPhone Personal Hotspot turned on automatically in iOS10

It’s been an issue in new iPhone mode that iPhone hotspot is getting automatically turned on. On the iphone 6 and iOS 10 onwards when we have "Personal Hotspot" deactivated other devices (MacBook & iPod) which were added earlier can still see the personal hotspot listed in their Wi-Fi settings and they then chose the hotspot to connect, iphone automatically activates "Personal Hotspot". 

This seems like a serious security hole. Because of the Instant Hotspot "feature", the Personal Hotspot will automatically turn back on, thus incurring unnecessary charges and uncontrolled usage by kids as ipad automatically connect to personal hotspot. One user reported the problem as It is a bit of an issue for me. For example, I am working with someone who I temporarily let tether to my iPhone but I don't want to let them permanently tether. Once I allow them to tether, they essentially have permanent access to tether to my device. Even if I change the hotspot password, it still allows a previously connected device to tether to my phone.

How to Fix the issue hotspot automatically turns on

Fix 1: Don’t share your iCloud password:
Actually only devices which you are signed into via iCloud will show the hotspot and connect to it if it's disabled under your settings.
The only devices that can connect to your phone via the Instant Hotspot feature are other devices that are using your Apple ID and password. If you don't want those devices accessing your phone, change their Apple ID.

Fix 2: Do not use iphone with laptop
Other solution to get way from issue is not to charge iphone on laptop while travelling because of the usb connection that would turn on the hotspot and to have Bluetooth switched off on my iphone. Or to be aware of this flaw and disable "wifi" everytime the laptop is not connected to a wife and close to the phone.
* Don't enable Personal Hotspot in settings.
* Be particular about who has your Apple ID.
* Keep Bluetooth off tactically.
You could either turn off Wi-Fi or turn off bluetooth to disable the Instant Hotspot activation, this really doesn't seem like a natural solution.  An on/off switch for Instant Hotspot activation seems like a better solution, which is much awaited from Apple side as soon possible

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Anonymous said…
Seems like the best option is to not buy Apple. this is clearly insanely stupid... similar to the shortcut wifi turn on/off button, that will now auto turn on and connect to wifi networks. Apple has simple lost the plot, this is very basic stuf
I wont be buy any more Apple devices, this is simply too incompetent
OnlyMe said…
I agree with PB.
Unknown said…
Reset your network settings, it solved the problem for me.


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