Iphone how to delete or remove a "person" album in photos

In new feature of iOS 10 Apple has added Person/people photo album to find out a person related photos. If you have taken a group photo the people album will help to find out the person(using  facial recognition) for you in that photo. For some users this feature seems to be useless and want to get rid from People album feature.  To remove this feature you can try below steps:

Hide a People Album in Photos on iPhone
Open the Photos app on your iPhone.
Navigate to the Album tab of Photos and open your People album.
Tap Select in the upper right corner.
Tap the person’s album that you want to hide.

this will move the  folder into the hidden folder section. If you want to forget that their folder is there at all, tap Show Less

How to delete the people album
Note: You can’t delete albums that Photos creates for you, such as People, Places, and Selfies.
you can delete the name from the People album and change it back to "Unnamed" or remove all persons from it by using the command "xxx is not in this photo", but then you will be left with an empty people album with a white thumbnail.



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