iPhone 7 plus stuck on black screen with spinning wheel

In iOS 10, iphone is sometimes getting affected with black screen issue also known as iphone 7 black screen of death. The issues below have only occurred since upgrading to iOS 10. It will show Random black screen with spinning wheel. The issue is also reported for iphone 6s in which case after upgrading to IOS 10, freezes on lock screen fadeout with spinning data whee. For some users the issue is even more serious as got increasingly worse, showing the black screen/wheel for about 15 seconds almost every hour. This very annoying as iphone 7 plus stuck on apple logo.

Fix 1: Simple fix
Power + Volume Down - held simultaneously. The screen should power off almost immediately.
Connect your iPhone to the computer. It should have made your iphone recover from frozen black spinning wheel. In case it has not your may continue with below steps:
. Go to www.icloud.com.
. Click Find iPhone
. Since the phone is powered off already, it won't be able to locate it. Click DEVICES on the upper bar.
. Click your iPhone.
. Click "remove from account".
. Go to your itunes, and do a restore.

Fix 2: 'rest finger to open'
If you are seeing this issue again and again, please enable the 'rest finger to open' option under home screen accessibility, but this doesn't always work.

Fix 3: Little Techie

Many developers have looked at the log files of iphone 7 dump which is created in your PC while spinning wheel on iphone 6 issue occurred. This seems to be due to corrupt DB of your iphone/ipad backup. This could have caused the ios 10 black screen spinning wheel. To fix the issue while upgrading or restoring your iphone or any other Apple device disable Documents & Data syncing from the iPod/iphone temporarily, delete the com~apple~TextInput folder from the Mac, give it a minute to sync up to the cloud, and then reboote the iphone/iPod. After re-enabling Documents & Data syncing, all should work well.



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