iPhone 6 GPS not working

GPS have been always a weaker side of iPhones as far as location service are concerned. Many user have now found issue with iphone 6 and 7 that GPS service is sometimes getting greyed out or not working accurately to precise location. While using iphone sometimes the in the aps on my iPhone 6, my location is off by about 50 feet. iphone 6 has problems with the wifi and the gps signals some times. Even on external apps when user uses google maps or maps the apps can't find the exact location so as a result I cannot get the correct instructions! This is very annoying nad problematic situation where iphone GPS showing WRONG CURRENT LOCATION.
Although there are no official fix or update launched by Apple on this, which is very bad from apple as thousands of request have been put to apple to fix the issue. However Apple customer care representative have said that the problem could have started if you have dropped your phone of some internal damage is done to it so can't be sure if its a software issue/bug. Even on iOS10.3 this issue is not fixed. But some workaround of possible fix for the issues are listed below (“iphone 6 GPS not working issue”):

Fix 1: When GPS isn’t working on iPhone 6, or if it works, but it’s not accurate, you should reset network settings. Here is how you can do that:
·           Navigate to Settings
·           Tap on General
·           Tap on Reset
·           Choose Reset Network Settings
·           Confirm that you want to reset network settings

Fix 2 : Check Hardware replacement option
AS there are not 100% working fix reported by anyone or Apple itself so if you don't want to wait for an update from apple, try to check if it’s a hardware fault (which is in most of the cases). To do iphone 6 gps replacement in hardware follow the steps:
-Replace the antenna flex cable. You can purchase the cable and necessary tools from amazon in around 15 to 20$. Search for iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable
Antenna Flex cable for iphone GPS fix

-It's easy to replace, follow steps using any YouTube genuine video

-Wifi/bluetooth/gps work perfectly now,! and this should fix iphone GPS issue



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