stop iMessage fom creating duplicate thread for message

Have you encountered a problem where iMessage have started all new thread to same person while the first one is still active, in Apple iOS software version iOS 8. This iMessage forked/multiple message chain is very annoying as this happens for groups aslo and its not very sure which thread will receive the message. So whenever anyone in any of my group messages changes then name, or adds a person or changes anything in the group message, it splits into multiple group messages and some messages go into both. 

Fix 1: change setting of iMessage
You can fix the issue by going iIn settings, go to messages, scroll down and make sure Group Messaging is enabled.  Please check now, if it does not worls..
Have tried deleting the conversation and then sending the group a new message to start it back up. This worked for many users.

Fix 2: iMessage send & Receive
On your Mac:
Open iMessages.
Click Messages > Preferences > Accounts and choose your desired address in the “Start new conversations from” box.
On iOS:
Open Settings > Messages > Send and Receive.
Select the same address under “Start new conversations from.”
This will not help to merge old message thread but will help in stopping getting created new thread of iMessages.

Fix 3:Check iOS software version and settings,
1. See if every user in the group is on iOS8 or above. If not, that may be the problem (for some user the problem got fixed when everyone updated the iOS software).
2. if you go into Settings->iMessage, you will see a tick next to your phone number. i.e. can you receive messages at your phone number? If not, I fixed it by turning off iMessage and FaceTime, going Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings (your phone will restart), then connect to Wifi, then turn iMessage and FaceTime back on and wait for them to activate.

A real solution would be for Apple to address this, and fix it. Letting their customers bear the brunt of solving problems that they created is no way to operate.



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