Fix iphone notes randomly disappearing

Many users are facing issue with iphone notes app that notes are getting disappeared or delete from the iphone randomly. The notes missing problem is not only with old written notes but also with freshly added notes. Once you close the application and open this after some time your note will not be there. This may happen for your iPhone due to many reasons, such as, accidental deletion due to unknown actions, phone OS crash, iOS upgrade, jailbreak, broken or stolen, etc. What the case is but its always painful for losing notes as contain very important data. Below is the list of causes and fix which may help you to fix iphone notes disappearing issue and recover notes in iphone.

Email Deletion Can cause this:
Some notes in your iphone are synched with emailId, if you delete or remove your email account from iphone you may end up in losing notes for the email account. Same may be the case if your email account password is updated but not in your iphone.

How to fix it iphone notes random deletion or disappearing:

Solution 1: Sync option
Edit each of the notes in some small way. ex: alter the title slightly and started to see them reappear on my Iphone. It may be wonderful to get all my notes back to the iphone. It is very easy and quick fix.

Solution 2: Retrieval from the iPhone DataBase
In case you have not backed up your data in iTunes and iCloud, the deleted files still can recover. You should note something before you recover the files as below:
Some very important information and data eg Contacts, SMS, Notes, Call histories and more are stored in the dataBase. When you delete these files accidentally, those deleted feels are still stored in the dataBase. So you can recover those deleted files from iPhone database.
Step 1: You can back up your iPhone and get the iPhone SQL Database off your iPhone.
Step 2: You can find your iPhone Database in /Users/~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/, and analysis deleted records in SQL Database with some database tool.

Solution 3: Recover from deteted items
You can recover deleted notes from “Recent Deleted” folder on iPhone if there is (feature is available only for iOS 9 or later): Go to Notes app > Recently Deleted > Edit > Select the notes or Move all > Move to another folder.

Solution 4: Email sync:
Get back Notes from Email accounts with which you synced notes: Settings > Mail, Contact, Calendars > Gmail (or other Email) > turn Notes On. After that, the missing notes may come back to your iPhone.
You can find your notes by using the email setting option on your iPhone. Follow the steps below to get it done.
•           Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
•           Click Mail option then go to Accounts.
•           Click on each email account and turn on Notes for each.

Solution 5 : Backup from iCloud or iTunes

Login to > Click Notes icon; If there are notes in iCloud Notes folder, go back to iPhone > Setting > iCloud > Toggle Notes to on; last, open Notes app and the iCloud Notes will appear.



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