iphone Fix YouTube videos not playing in background in background on iOS 10.1

Apple has released a feature in iphone which allows you to play youtube video in the background without actually watching the video. However some users are not use this feature with upgrade to 10.1
There are few fixes or workaround available which may help you in case you are also facing similar problem with youtube video on your iphone. Check how to fix "Youtube won't play in the background on iOS 10.1.1"

Fix 1: Private Browsing

ü  Open Safari app on your iphone

ü  Tap the Tabs icon: tabs icon iphone or ipad
ü  Tap Private
ü  Now safari Private Browsing is ON and you should be able to play YouTube videos in the background.

Fix 2: Change youtube video to PC version

For me it works with pc version of youtube on mobile. On youtube with safari, at the right top corner you can choose PC version

Fix 3 YouTube Red

It’s a paid service started by youtube on selected location. This provides you some premium feature along with background video play.



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