iPhone safari virus, remove malware, pop-ups, text enhance and ads

This article will help you to get rid of apple iphone virus or malware on iphone, the problem will created a lots of trouble to you and every time you open a webpage in safari a pop up will come and will take you to all new place may be creepy website or some download page. These malware are always irritating while using your iphone may risk your apple device from many virus attacks.
The problem could be due to unknowingly downloading malware stuff by visiting some bad sites or trying to access some free videos from unauthentic websites. For safari malware removal you may try below possible fix in your iphone or Apple mac device.

Clear website data:

1. Going to Settings/Safari.
2. Selected Advanced
3. Selected Website Data
4. Scrolled to bottom of Website Data and selected "Remove All Website Data".
5. Going to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data

Open Settings Safari and clears websites and data. Then do a Reboot by holding power button & menu button hold both down until you see Apple Logo. This is one of possible way for safari malware removal.

Fix 2:
Malware in your iphone or mac devices can be caused by a hacked router. If this to remove the malware and virus you should first reset modem and then network settings. Once done reconnect to network by forget the network

Fix 3:
The problem may be caused by your internet service provider. The temporary solution is change DNS. Then you need to call your provider to fix the problem

Although its not alwaya easy to get apple virus removalprocess but you may visit nearby apple support centre in case none of above methods helped you. Always keep on checking your iphone and remove all virus and malware.