Apple iPhone 6s Plus cannot download or update apps from app store

Recently there are some problems reported by Apple iphone and iPad user that App are not updated automatically from past few times. Even if the user can’t do manual updates. Once the user click on update button the progress circle will come up and gets stuck.
Worst about it is users are not even able to install new apps from Apple app store. It is very annoying as Apple day by day releasing new Apps and updates which are sometime very user specific. This seems to be software bug with the Apple devices but can be fix by below given fixes:

iphone apps not updating

Fix 1 : Delete apps which are no longer supported in App store:

Go to ->Settings > General > About > Applications
Please check if there are apps in the "NO UPDATES AVAILABLE" list, one or more of them might be blocking access to the App Store. Delete which are no longer available in the App Store check if updates work now.

Fix 2: Change Restriction Settings:
Go to: Settings--> General--> Restrictions--> Toggle "Enable Restrictions"--> scroll down to Installing Apps and Deleting Apps--> If toggle switches are off, toggle them on. --> Double click home button and swipe UP to close settings. --> Re-open Settings--> Scroll to iTunes and App Store--> Tap Apple ID--> Log out--> Restart  iPhone.

Once iphone on, go to Settings--> iTunes and App Store-> Apple ID-> Re-enter your log in credentials--> Back arrow--> General--> Restrictions--> Scroll down to Installing Apps and Deleting Apps--> Toggle switches back to "off"--> Close Settings App--> Open App Store and your phone will be back to normal downloading!

Fix 3 : Check basic settings are fine
-Make sure your last payments did not fail (payment bounced)and still have some payments to clear. In this case you will be prompt by Apple to add credit/debit card details to install new updates.
-Reset your network settings
Try resetting your network settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings and see if that fixes the problem.

-Check Available memory: Apps won’t be able to update if your iphone memory is almost full. In this case there won’t be any space available for new updates.

-Set Automatically Date & Time to sync with Apple server



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