iPhone 7 plus caller can’t hear me clearly , static in iphone call Fix

In the new model of Apple iphone 7 and 7 plus some user have reported some disturbance or Static while making a call. Other person in the call is not able to hear properly. The problem is reported in recently purchased mobile phone as well, so cannot be a iOS software upgrade issue. However Apple have not issued a public statement on this but when some users complained about it Apple has just refused this to be a software issue rather pointed as external surrounding issue.

If you are also facing this issue below are few fixes for iphone bad sound over call :
Ø  Restore iphone from iTunes: Back up and restored the phone to factory settings using iTunes. After this restore the backup. This may fix the issue and you should test this for few days.
Ø  Get Checked your iphone Microphone: Microphone at bottom of your Apple device may be broken therefore may not work improperly. In this case please visit nearby Apple store they should get you a new iphone as replacement.

Ø  WiFi – Modem issue : 

Are you using your phone over Wi-Fi? The iPhone 7 uses WIFI for calling if it is available and it is generally a much better signal than over the air.  So if you have modem and is not stable with signal this may interrupt your iphone working. You should reset you modem and check again.  This worked for few user and fixed the issue permanently. Or try disabling Wi-Fi Calling.

Ø  Turn off 4G option: One more possible reason for bad quality sound in you iphone can be due to 4G settings. Check if 4G service is interrupting the signal
Go to Settings>Mobile Data>Mobile data options>Enable 4G> click on OFF.
Ø  Try using the 'speaker' option or bluetooth earpiece to see if it's related to the phone's microphone?
Ø  Make sure the mic at the bottom is not covered.
Ø  Hard Reset your iphone using Sleep/Wake and Volume Down buttons together to reboot.
Ø  Try Resetting Network setting just in case your phone is not perfectly set up for calls.

Ø  The problem are mainly reported on software 10.3.2 iOs version, try to update to next latest version available software version. New software releases usually have fixes by Apple for on-going issues.



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