iphone camera makes no shutter sound on photo click

This iphone help article is created to fix the problem when iphone makes no sound while photo click. The sound issue in iphone is not a uniform in occurrence across different iphone 6/6s models. For some users first photo shot from the camera that they took, there is no sound in iphone 6 however for subsequent shots, then there will be. For other user the iphone camera sound does not work at all while clicking some photographs. However other sound feature like iphone video sound etc will work fine. Before fixing anything else first please make sure you have turned off silent mode or turn on sound on camera's setting. To fix the iphone 6s no sound issue below are the possible fix.

Fix 1: Turn off live photo
In case you want ot take Live Photos than there will be no shutter sound.  If you really want shutter sound you must first turn off Live Photos
Once you turn off the live button on the IPhone camera, sound will work on iphone.

Fix  2:
Try to do setting reset.
Settings -  General - Reset - Reset All Settings.  
With these options you won't lose any data.

Fix 3:
Below are the steps which helped many users to solved my iphone no camera sound problem.

1. Goto Settings > Sounds and turn of the option "Change with buttons" by moving the bar to the left.
2. Using the left sided sound buttons set volume to maximum.
3. See if you hear the shutter now: take a picture. At this stage the problem was solved for me.
4. You can always undo the first step now and allow the "change with buttons" again.

Above steps may help you to fix iphone camera sound issue but in some cases these may not be. Please make sure you update your iphone to latest version of iOS available as apple keeps on releasing bux fixes  in new software release.



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