iphone 6 iMessage error #images says "Could not load results."

Many users are complaining that since upgrade to iOS 10.2, #images are not working in iphone and shows the error message says "Could not load results." Whenever tried to use it. Before the upgrade users were able to see and use the images and gifs but after the upgrade this error message started appearing. Please note that #images is ONLY available in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, India, Singapore, Philippines, and Japan. One user quoted the issue as “We have noticed that the gif/#images search has stopped working.  All searches result in "No results for "xxxxxx"" message on screen.  Searches that previously yielded results no longer work so this is not an issue with what I am searching for.  No initial suggestions are even loaded.My friend who is using an iPhone6 is having exactly the same issue today.” Adding to this many users have reported that restoring the phone using various methode did not resolved the issues for them. However below are some possible fixes for #images problem in iphone 6/7.

Fix 1: Chang the region settings.

As mentioned above this #images is an country specific feature provided by Apple. In case you are in supported country list please make sure your region setting are proper. To check Goto Settings->General->Language & Region->Region. Then change to US, worked for me as a workaround. The fix has worked for many users in UK and other countries.

Fix 2 : Re-Add #images
Open the App drawer in Messages tap the "+" icon then choose "Manage".  Try removing and then re-adding the #images in the app.
If that does not work open a message, then open #image, in the bottom left tap the four circles, tap the + Store icon, tap manage, turn #image off then back on, exit and turn your device off then back on. 
 If that still doesn't work attempt to Reset all settings using General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.

Fix 3: Workaround ,Use GIPHY

In case nothing works out for you meanwhile apple provides official fix for the issue you  can download GIPHY, then activate it in the MANAGE section of the STORE tab within iMessage. Its better than nothing.


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