Android phone getting hot while charging

Your cellphone is continuously using battery to do a lots of things. Each software process in your phone will required different amount of energy in certain period. The phone defiantly will get warm when you use it for features that require a good deal of power. It also is normal for it to warm up while charging. However you should always try to avoid using phone while charging as it may result in excessive overheating.
To fix these issue you may keep below mentioned point in mind while operating your cellphone:

The phone usually gets high temperature while doing work but sometimes it gets relatively a bit hotter.The reason for this can be ;
1.       Lots of Background apps loading your phone.(more the number, more the heat)
2.      Wifi and mobile data( keeping them on makes the phone hotter)
3.      Location services being on always
4.      Poor network signal, as phone will try harder for better singnal
5.   HotSpot for wifi use

How to Fix the battery overheating Issue:

Its not always that all above points are only responsible for overheated phone, it could also be due to:
1.       The temperature of the surrounding environment
2.      Ventilation at room.
3.      The protective case is suffocating your phone
4.   The position you keep your phone, putting your phones battery side up and screen side down heats up your phone a bit less as when done vice versa
5.   Always use original company recommended charger as other charger may put heavy load on charging function/ software of your phone.
6.   Keep short time for screen saver.
7.    Keep a habit of restarting your phone as many cached software process will cause trouble on cell phone operation.

If you still feel the overheating is not getting fixed for you, please try considering factorty reset by taking all backups first.


ravi said…
hi, i m ravi .this sollution are great and worked nicely for my phone .thank you


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