Some amazing mind blowing must apps for android phones

                                                  Google Opinion Reward

While most of us search best apps for free but sometimes it is essential to pay for some apps in google play store. Google provides a way by which you need not pay from your pocket for paid app/games. All you have to do is download free Google opinion Reward app and fill up some very simple surveys.
Its a free mobile survey tool that rewards you back with some cash in your Google account every time you complete a few brief questions. It has more then 6 million downloads and you may also want to try this for better store purchase at play store.

Download the Google Opinion Reward


This free application at playstore will allow you to see your mobile notification at your computer screen or verified friend device. Once connected you can do the actions withour touching your phone.
All it can do for you: 
>Send links between devices
>Open an address in your maps app
>Push a link to someone else's phone
>Send and Receive Text Messages on Your Computer
>Sync Your Clipboard Across All Devices, and many more.....

                                                  Chrome remote Desktop:

Many times you feel like to access your pc when you are not nearby to it, but have your phone with you. For this situation the best app to use is Chrome Remote Desktop. To make sure it work you have let chrome keep running on your PC.

Download Chrome remote Desktop

This is an app to manage your gallary with great feature and great design to focus on a big data. It has a cool tagging feature which help in quick find of photos. Along with this it alsi provide features like photo lock, private area.


This app can be use budget manager and help you in making it easy to control your expenses. Mint let you track all your finances, saving , finance, creadit card  what you are spending upon,how much you have in your balance. This is great app for person who want to make some saving and avoid over expenses.



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