How to fix Android phone Not Able To Send SMS issue

If you are not able to send SMS from your mobile phone of android operating software, even with good network then you may wish to try below possible fixes to solve the problems. But First thing that I would like to suggest is that you use someone else phone with your SIM card and try to send a text message. If the message still didn't go through, its not issue with the software but with network of android phone, so you need to contact customer care, they can help you as it clearly is a network issue.

Fix for unable to send SMS from phone

Restart your Phone :

Turn off all connections, including GPS, WIFI, mobile network, etc. Now turn ON airplane mode and held the power button down and hit "Restart phone" and let it reboot. When it rebooted, check if all your failed sent messages automatically sent.

Reset your Network Settings and Message App:
Then it reset the network settings in the phone.
Goto->Settings->Backup and Rest -> Network Setting Rest-> Reset Settings
 Now restart phone and check again everything working okay now.
If not, delete messages or message threads from your phone or SIM memory and test again.
Uninstall any third-party messaging apps. Reboot your phone and check.

 Make Sure You Message Center is configured:

Go to below location and check if message centre is mentioned or not. Your network provider should provide you with the same.
Open Messages App → MORE  Settings  More Settings  Text messages  Message Centre  
Delete Message Cache Data: 
Application Manager->see the All list of apps. Scroll down to locate Messaging and tap it->Tap Clear Data. Then, tap OK on prompt. ->Restart your device.

Perform a Factory Data Reset 
If nothing  works at all, do a factory reset: 

Tap Settings.-> Accounts tab. Tap Back up and reset. ->Factory Data reset->Reset device.



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