Android not able to answer calls, screen stuck frozen HELP

The call screen frozen is reported in many android phones including all the big brands eg Nexus 5 , Samsung Galaxy, Ximoni redmi , Moto. The user is not able to answer call as screen does not response at the time. The user have reported this issue as intermittent but always create risk of losing some important calls. One user quote the problem as
“When my phone rings while incoming calls, I am neither receive income calls nor disconnect it, the whole screen hangs off and tapping of anywhere on the screen doesn't work

Below mentioned tips may help you to fix frozen call screen on android phones or phone hanged on incoming call.

Check notification settings for 'Dialler'

This is to make sure that your dialer is configured properly.
Scroll down until you find App called 'Dialler' - check that "show notifications" tick box is ticked.

Set Up key for answering calls

Its more of workaround than actually fixing the issue. All you have to do is change software setting by assigning a volume key to answer incoming calls. Settings may vary from mobile phone maker but its usually in (Dilater Setting )Call Setting -> to answer the call from vol key button.

Now you can answer all your call from volume key. You may also use Auto answer feature of you android phone if you have any trouble in this.

Wipe Out Cache and Restart

Go into Settings > Apps and swipe right until you land on the ALL tab.
Scroll through the list until you land on Phone. You might find two results. Go into each one of them and tap on Clear Cache.
Do same for for system cache: Settings > Storage and then tap on Cached data and tap OK to clear it. 
Not Reboot your phones. You should keep doing the cache clear as it resolves other software issues as well.

Try New Dilaler

1.Download dialer app. 2.Disable default dialer from settings, clear app data and cache 3.restart phone(notice there is no dialer app) 4.install downloaded call dialer app. 100%.tried it on my phone

Use a 3rd party app

There are really a number of software apps such as AirGesture to control your phone and that works with your phone’s proximity sensor to let you answer calls by waving your hand over the phone or bringing it near your ears.

Factory Reset

One of the Best solution to fix unable to pick up calls:-
It seems to be a software issue
please backup all your important data in your phone with Backup.
Then do a factory reset.



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