iPhone 6s wifi not showing up or says "incorrect password" or "unable to connect"

Many user are unable to connect to their WIFI network and issue reported is  brand new iPhone 5s/6/7 doesn't operate the same way as older apple devices does.  When I put in the WiFi password, it constantly states, "Incorrect WiFi Password" even though I am 100% certainty sure that it is correct. Users have reported the problem in different devices including iphone 4/5/5s/6/7 and iOS 7.0.3/8.x and latest iOS10.

How to fix the wifi password issue in iphone:

Solution 1.
Hold the wifi network icon and tap on "forget network" and then re-add it. This has helped few users. Try it and see if it works for you.

Solution 2
Just Reset network settings (though it removes all your saved 'passwords'.)
To do so, you need to go to General>Reset>Reset Network Settings
Please note : Enter the password for the WiFi before you unlock the sim card

Solution 3 (recommended)
 Disabling HTTP proxy worked:
  1.  Go to Settings-->Wi-Fi
  2.  Hit the blue arrow by your network name
  3. Scroll all the way down to "HTTP Proxy". Your options there are Off, Manual and Auto
  4.  Hit "Off" (Even if its is off, toggle it to off again)
  5.  Go back to Wi-Fi Networks

  6.   Choose your network by hitting the network name
  7. Enter your network key when asked for a password
  8.  Hit ok and please check if it helped

Solution 4
Go to WiFi settings and in router settings and change the Wi-Fi Channel Bandwidth from 20 Mhz to 40 Mhz. This is because if you have several devices connected to the network and the quality of the connection drops as you share the same bandwidth among multiple then your IOS device will not connect and may result in the issue.

Solution 5
Go to wifi available network list.Connect to any open wifi, which should not prompt for password. Try this a few times as it wouldn't connect the first time. Then once it is connected, go back to your choice of wifi connection. Type in password and check if it worked!

Solution 6(with crossed fingers,  if you are unlucky all the way down till here)
Funny but interesting solution (Although it worked for some users) is waiting a day or two and trying it all again. Not to say that it's some sort of a "solution" but just sharing some user experience (somewhat similarly odd) experience with this kind of thing.

Hopefully this might have helped somebody.
Have a nice day. :)



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