iPhone 7 ,6s , 5 iOS 10 Black Screen with Spinning Wheel on the screen


iphone black screen issue
Here we would discuss the solution to fix continuous update circle with black screen on iphone that many users are facing after updating some apps or doing some activities on iTune. The problem is commonly reported after iOS update on iPhone 5 and 5s but many user have faced similar black screen spinning updte wheel problem on iPhone7 as well.

Possibility of happening issue:
This seems to be a core iOS issue and may be linked to TouchId as it is frequent to occur when I press my finger on it.
1.       User attempts to updates some apps on iphone
2.       Phone screen become unresponsive and appears to be frozen.
3.       The phone screen became Black with white spinning wheel After 4 - 5 minutes.
Steps to fix the black screen spinning wheel problems :
1.       Unplug your iphone from your computer, if connected.
2.       Hold the POWER button and same time the VOLUME DOWN  button. The screen should power off almost immediately.
3.        Now you should connect iPhone to computer. It should work now and iphone should turned on normally.
If it still does not works
1.       Using computer open www.icloud.com.
2.       Login to your account and Click Find iPhone
3.       Since your iphone is off, app won’t be able to locate it. Click DEVICES on the upper bar.
4.       Click your iPhone after that Click "remove from account".
5.       Go to your itunes, and do a restore.

If you are facing this problem for short time and the problem goes away after 5-10 seconds, you may try:

Recovery Mode: 
Back up your iphone on iCloud via by going to Settings > iCloud > Backup > Backup Now.
Once done now please connect your iphone to your PC and open iTunes on it
Now force your iphone to hard restart (press and hold both the Power and Volume Down button till the time you see the Apple logo. (for iPhone 6s and previous model Press and hold both the Power (sleep/wake) and Home buttons simultaneously)

keep holding down the buttons until you see the recovery mode screen. You will see an alert message to Update. Click on update and now iTunes should update your device.

YouTube video not playing in background, Fix is here



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