iPhone 7, 6, 6s : No Clear sound, How to fix poor call sound quality issue (calls muffled )

From past few days, a number of complaints have emerged on Apple’s support forum from iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 users claiming that they are facing poor sound quality during phone calls (hollow sound in iphone call). People have even tried to hold the iphone near ear in different angles but the even than the call is still garbled with very bad sound. The problem is sometimes reported with earpiece but not with the speaker. Bigger problem is that not every iPhone 7 owner is experiencing it.
Few users say that they have taken their phones to apple store and been told that the issue is with their service provider, Verizon.
Fix iphone bad call sound issue

How to fix the iphone bad call quality issue:

1.       Turn on Noise cancellation in iPhone
You can try to do setting for reducing noise during calls and this may turned off the bad sound

Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> and then scroll down to Phone Noise Cancellation. If it' is on, turn it off and check if your call sound clarity has become better.
2.       Check Bluetooth setting in case of no sound at all
If you are not at all able to hear the sound, try to disable Bluetooth. When your iPhone is paired to a Bluetooth-enabled speaker or headset, you might think the audio is not working but the sound will come through the speaker but by bluetooth device it is connected to. To disable Bluetooth on your iPhone, go to Settings-> General-> Bluetooth.

3.       Try to test by changing cellular service properties
iphone tips to fix sound issue
Interestingly for some user the problem lies with LTE voice service.  Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options and select Data Only . Try to make calls now and see if this fixes the problem.
4.       Turning up and down the volume appears to be a quick fix for some lucky users
5.       Try to upgrade your iphone to latest version available check may get fixed by latest release.

Does apple know about iphone poor quality call sound problem?

Apple hasn’t officially responded to this problem yet, and a Community Specialist on its forum simply linked to support article. But this is claimed by some expert and as hardware and software glitch in some sets. In case none of above mentioned steps helped you, many users have just got the phone replaced with brand new iphone, you can try that too.
You may want to read about the apple support to do some basic troubleshooting to fix the bad quality sound issue.



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