iOS 8 iPhone: tips to fix issue with conference call issue and three way calling,unable to merge, swap call.

Some user are complaining that after upgrade to iOS 8.x on iphone they are facing issues and trouble with 3 way calling and conference call. However some have reported the problem with box opened set also. This annoying calling issue in iphone has created problems for many users and Some reported steps when problem is faced goes as below:
1.  When I try to add a new contact to ongoing call, use is unable dial the second number.
2.  Sometime user is able to dial the second number but  cannot merge the calls to setup a conference.
3.  If successful, not able to setup a conference call on iphone.
4.  Once finished talking to the second call, cannot go back to the first call. Even tried to swapping the calls on iphone, it does not works.
5. If somehow able you are successful to setup a conference call on iphone,  when one line drops out of call, user is still seeing on screen "multiple calls" or "conference" call going although just talking to one person.

iPhone conference not working issue fix
This is Quite frustrating, as this issue is problem in very basic feature of iphone i.e  calling system. Read this article for help.

How to fix the conference call issue in iPhone, merge and swap issue:

There is troubleshooting and tips available to fix the broken conference call feature in iphone:

1.Make Sure your network provider (cellular data service) provide you the merge call facility on your phone to setup conference. Once you have the facility then you can merge calls as explained further 
2.Try to change below network related settings:
   1.  Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE > Select Voice and Data (change if was set to Data only).
   2.  Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings and confirm.
  This may immediately remove call conference problem in your iphone. Restart your phone and check if the problem is occurring on 3 way calling.
3Check with Tech Support of your network provider (eg verizon) for 3 way calling feature. They can add this feature remotely for your iphone and make sure the phone has all of the features that are included with your package it should work for you to fix the conference call issue.
Reset Network settings


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