How to disable Cortana search box from window 10 Home edition SL

Windows Cortana is one of the most talked about feature in Windows 10. It  make you almost everything on Windows and also integrated with bing search engine. However many users are not liking it as it takes too much space in your task bar and user not habitual of it finds it annoying.
As shown in the picture (highlighted red) it takes too much space in your Windows taskbar. Many Windows users find this as unnecessary icons on Taskbar as there were many places and shortcuts to use Search app user may use WIN + TAB keys together to toggle between software apps. So it becomes useless for many user and wasting space on Taskbar.
In order to get away from Windows Cortana help you need to do following simple steps:
Right-click on Taskbar and you'll get options to show or hide Search box, Search icon, Task View and Touch Keyboard buttons on Taskbar

Goto Serach->click on Hidden. The cortana will disappear from the task bar now. In case you want to see it again you can follow same steps and click 'Show Search box'
Hiding the Cortana tab may vary between diffrent windows version but the steps to do hide it will remains the same.



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