How to fix not able to send iMessage, iMessage not working with some specific contacts

Many user are complaining about weired iMessage issues in which they are not able to send text imessages to some contacts only. They can send out the iMessage to all other contact but not working with some particular things. General issue reported are, iMessage problems, like messages/iMessage not sending/delivered, not received, or fail to activate iMessages
Here are some suggestion which may help you in fixing issue to send iMessage to send particular or some contacts.  
Not able to send iMessage to one contact

Before jumping to the fix make sure:

Ø  iMessage is turned on your device: To fix the First go to settings>Messages>turn off iMessage.  Go back to settings & make sure you are logged in to iCloud. Settings>iCloud (click the banner at the top) enter your Apple ID password. Go back and turn iMessage back on.

Ø  In normal cases when iMessage is not delivered, it could mean one of the following, make sure you have checked them all:
Recipient settings for iMessage no delivery report 
1.               your friend is not registered for iMessage
2.              Message Recipient  has moved on to a phone which is not an iPhone
3.              No data access
4.             No wifi access
5.              No signal coverage
Ø  Check your Network settings
Make sure it’s not a problem with your Network settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. You’ll have to add your passwords again after you do this.

Fix for not able to send iMessage issue to some specific contacts

Ø  Option 1: Change preferences.
1.       Messages>Preferences>[yourAccount]>Enable this account Uncheck this.
2.      Facetime>Preferences>Turn OFF the switch and turn back ON.
3.      Restart the phone and probably it will work.

Ø  Option2: Delete the iMessage history with particular thread

Back up or forward important messages and delete your current messaging threads with the contact. Create a new message to the contact and try again. If the issue occurs with a specific contact or contacts, delete and re-create the contact in the Contacts application. Create a new message to the newly created contact and try again.

          Still not working, go for detailed next option…

Ø  Option 3 : Try troubleshooting with iMessage

Here's what worked for me:
1.        Note down all the contact's information before deleting anything. 
2.       Delete all iMessages from that particular contact. 
3.      Delete not only messages just to that contact, but also all group messages including that contact.
4.      Delete that contact from your iPhone contacts list.  When you are sure you've deleted all traces of that contact in your iPhone then do number
5.      Re-enter into the contact list just the contact's phone number but do not enter the last digit of that number.  Instead substitute x for the last digit. 
Once you have done all these changes in your iphome iMessages and type in the contact's number ending in the letter x and send a test message.  If the message is still undelivered then delete that text and the number in your contact list and go through steps 1-4 but when you get to step 5 re-enter the contact's phone number substituting the number 0 for the last digit.  Then send another test text. This is what fixed the problem for me.



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