incoming message makes no sound when iphone is locked

A very strange issue is reported on latest iphone 6 and 7s that  there are  No notification sounds for anything like SMS and iMessage received on iPhone 7 (iOS10.0.2) and other model with same software version of iOS.
Some user cpomplaints that everything was working fine but there are no SMS and iMessage notification since software upgrading to iOS 10. Once user have reported “The issue is that sometimes there will be no sound or vibration or anything when I receive a message,  I didn't hear any sound...there was just no notification's as if the phone was in DND (which it not the case).”
Even user report a new issue while sent an iMessage to a sender that is email address only. In this situation also, phone never plays a sound, never vibrates...but you open up the lock screen and will find a new message banner sitting there.

How to fix no notification sound issue on impacted iphones,

Solution 1: Check DND settings and silent mode setting
first please make sure if you have not set DND on your phone, even if you are sure it is not still double check as it might have turned have on accidentally while software upgrade, if not please proceed to next solutions or fix as mentioned below. Along with this make sure little button with volume key is not set on red, as will set device to silent mode.

Solution 2: Message setting
1.    Go to -> "Send & Receive" in the messages app set up  and check if iphone number and an email address checked off.
2.    Unselected the email address .
3.    Now try to test, you should receive notification for every message.

Solution 3: Notification settings
1.    Go to Settings>Notifications>Messages> and Turn off show in notification center. Check if it worked.

Solution 4: Hard Reset
1.    Turn on the DND mode in your iphone
2.    Perform a hard reset (hold the on-off and home button at the same time untill the Apple logo appears), try to do this a few times. Your notifications may finally be working.
3.    Now turn off the DND mode.

Solution 5: In case you have multiple Apple devices:
1.    The issue can be due to one device was set up to never notify for iMessage (eg ipad because rarely use it for iMessage, but other apple device was set up to notify with vibration, sound, banners, and when locked.
2.    Sign out from your first device (device with iMessage notification is off) and sign out/sign in to second device only where you want to receive the notifications.
3.    Try a test, now you should be able to heart the notifications.
4.    The bug in the apple software is regardless of what address sent to, devices NEED to be able to be configured with diffrent notification settings and those settings need to work independently of each other. If user turns off notifications on one device, it should NOT affect the settings for that same app on a different device even for the same apple id login.

Solution 6: If you are using Apple iWatch

1.   In case you're using an Apple Watch and while your iphone is locked state, you will not receive SMS notification on the phone this is because you will get then on the Watch. That's the way it's designed to work by apple software designers. If you want to get notifications on both devices when the phone is locked, you'll need to disable wrist detection on the Watch (There are some disadvantages to doing that). You'll need to enter your passcode to do much more than look at the time on the Watch and you won't be able to use Apple Pay.

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Anonymous said…
I have an apple watch and have had this twice. It just gets stuck after being in flight mode it seems.

Restarting the watch has fixed it both times.

Anonymous said…
I checked my iPad and for some reason the Bluetooth was turned on. Once I turned it off, I got sound notifications when the phone is locked. This also worked when I turned the bluetooth off on my phone, but I was able to keep the Bluetooth on in the phone once I turned it off on the iPad.
David Knights said…
Your inclusion of the Apple Watch tip is a big aha moment. Now all is explained. Crazy decision by Apple though.
dolly chaudhary said…
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Unknown said…
Thank you for the apple watch info - that was also my aha moment! Although I'm very disappointed - Apple should let us choose if we want to be notified on one or both devices!!


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