Android phone Unable to update or download apps from Google Play

Many android user are complaining that they are not able to update or download apps from playstore using their Android phones.
One use posted in this like "I am able to download files using Wifi, but using mobile data I cannot able to download anything. Can u please suggest any solutions for this"

Some complained
"Unable to download apps from Play Store using mobile data"
"I can't download from the Google Play Store"
"Why am I unable to download apps from the Google Play store "

Many users have claimed that resetting the phone to factory setting has resolved the problem, however we strongly recommend not to do so and first try below solution to 

fix the problem to download from play store

Data Restriction: (Very much possible solution)
Goto Settings--> data usage--> Scroll down to Media and uncheck background restriction data.
 Clearing Data and Cache

  1. Go to Settings > Apps. Tap All > Google Play Store then finally tap the Clear Cache button.
  2. Clear out your Play Store data 
  3. Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play services then tap the Clear Cache button. If that fails to solve the problem, come back to this page and tap the Clear Data button.
Restart your phone, the problem should be hopefully resolved now. 


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