Android : fix silent mode screen when phone is charging , your phone is in silent mode and you might miss calls

Different version of android mobile phones of different brands user are commonly complaining about when phone is put into charging mode while put on silent mode, than the splash screen comes up that tells me my phone is in silent mode. This has become really annoying for users as it is happening every time user plugs/unplugs the charger.
The screen when locked will say “your phone is in silent mode and you might miss calls”
Silent mode screen issue

Due to this screen you may not be able to turn off the alarm until this screen is cleared off.

To fix the problem of silent mode screen problem you may try couple of things:
  •      Check if you have peel remote app installed. Even if you cannot find this on your phone, we recommend checking on play store. If it say this app is installed, turned it off and the screen seemed to disappear.
  •      If still not works, take backup of your phone and do a factory reset.

99% of the users are found the problem due to peel remote app and uninstalling the app fixed the silent mode screen issue in their android phone.



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