Android phone battery draining too fast

Many users are facing poor battery life of android phones after getting android software upgrade and facing very new problem of battery drainage. The drain in some cases is very severe and is reported to go down from 80% to 5% overnight. This is very essential for every phone user to use some battery saving tips to avoid these circumstances.

I am going to explain below the real reasons and possible fixes for Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, or Google phone or tablet battery loss issue.

Tip 1: Restrict the background data

This is one of the main reasons for battery drainage specially after your android phone software upgrade some of the apps may got stuck to connect to their servers and in order to make sure so apps. Make sure you restrict the background data of individual apps from settings->data usage. This should will work and fix battery issue.

Tip 2: Turn off phone in case of weak signal
If your cell phone signal is generally poor, so that can be probably the main reason. It doesn't matter even if you have Wi-Fi on, or if the cell FM radio is still on, that will suck energy as the phone struggles to maintain a good signal. You could consider turning on Airplane Mode whenever you think you are in weak signal zone and try to use less of your phone.

Tip 3: Get Away from Auto brightness if you can

 One thing you must always get away from is..."auto brightness" is NOT a battery saving feature, the feature is designed to have convenient light to your eyes and will keep on changing. Battery screen is usually a main battery using component of your phone and you should always focus on optimizing it. If you want to get the most power saving out of the screen brightness, just keep low setting brightness setting and (if necessary) adjust it as needed. 

Tip 4 : Disable your location service settings:
It has been observed that Google Play services causing lots of wake time even when no location aware apps are being used. Google likes to collect tracking info whenever they can. Disabling location services stops this.

Tip 5 : Keep on clearing cache data
The app cache is used to store elements of apps, so that they can get loaded very fast when you use them next. In apps like Google Maps Facebook, or Chrome, this cached data can really start to eat away at your available storage and battery on the device.
To clear the cache Goto->settings->AppSection->Click on the app name or look for cached section->clear data                                                                                                                                        

Few quick  and easy tips to do regularly to save phone battery:

Ø  Keep Closing Out your background Application.
Ø  Check if your phone is just awake all the time and never go to sleep mode
Ø  Update your android phones to the latest software version of your android.
Ø  Keep your Wi-FI, Bluetooth services off whenever possible



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